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Wheezing Cough

Everyone has at one time or another been sick with a cold and experienced various effects including difficulty breathing, blocked sinuses, nausea and a wheezing cough, which tends to worsen the situation and everyone – both children and adults hate the experience. Unfortunately, these kinds of ailments are recurring and growing up does not make you immune. There are many reasons why you sometimes get colds and understanding why you have one can help you make some lifestyle changes to reduce future colds and the discomfort that comes with them.

For the most part, you will contract a cough accompanied by wheezing due to exposure to polluted air either from living or working in a polluted area where the pollutants infiltrate the air and work their way through your body’s defense mechanism in amounts large enough to compromise your health. Well, it helps to understand some of the reasons why people sometimes have wheezing cough and how you can protect yourself from it. Factors like pollution lead to cases of infection and often a cough accompanied by wheezing.

Your body contains a system, which works very well to fight diseases and most of the time when you are exposed to an infection, your body repels it without you ever knowing about it; however, this system is sometimes compromised and at such times, it is easier to get infections.

A wheezing cough may be a simple and easy-to-manage condition, but if not taken care of, it may lead to something much more complicated and dangerous, including asthma. The best thing for you to do should you get a cough is to visit a doctor and have him or her diagnose the problem. The diagnosis is a simple process and should there be a problem or any complication, the doctor is the best person to assist you.

Children are most likely to get a wheezing cough although nowadays, the number of people catching it has increased and so has the age gap of the most susceptible people. Someone with the cough may suffer fluctuations in body temperature and depending on the individual, other effects may surface. For the most part, you will not be bedridden, unless you let it go on for too long. That is why it is advisable to visit your doctor as early as possible.

Wheezing Cough Remedies – Pharmaceutical & Natural Cures

Pharmaceutical treatment of wheezing cough may be either over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription medications.

OTC Medications:

  • A popular OTC drug is Loratadine. This drug contains Claritin, a non-sedating antihistamine that is used to treat asthma. You will find this either in tablets or in liquid-gels forms. One thing to remember is that it may cause an allergic reaction in some patients.
  • Primatene is another medication to treat asthma and wheezing cough. It is available in tablet or in mist firms. The tablet contains the hormone ephedrine and is very effective for 2 to 4 hours. To take full effect of the medication you need to wait for 30 to 60 minutes. The mist contains the hormone epinephrine. It provides fast – relief but it lasts only a few hours. Its possible side effects include increased blood pressure or pulse, sleeplessness, seizures nervousness and tremor.
  • There are certain other medications that include acetaminophen or aspirin that can be used for pain. Ibuprofen can also be taken for the pain associated with acute bronchitis.

Prescription Medications – Bronchodilators

Bronchodilators are primarily used for treatment of asthma and acute bronchitis. This medication dilates and relaxes the constricted bronchi and bronchioles. This medication works well if given when symptoms begin.

  • Slo-Phyllin , a form of bronchodilator is particularly used to treat the symptoms of bronchial asthma, emphysema, bronchospasm, and other lung diseases. It has got one effective ingredient called theophylline.  You will find this in the form of syrup, tablets and capsules.
  • Another bronchodilator Quibron is an expectorant and a muscle relaxant and its effective ingredients are guaifenesin and theophylline. It is available in liquid or capsule forms.
  • One more bronchodilator is aminophylline. This is highly effective to provide relief to the symptoms associated with the medical condition of pulmonary emphysema, bronchial asthma, and other lung diseases.

All these medications though provide effective relief for wheezing cough yet have got some side effects too.

Prescription Medications – Inhaled Corticosteroids:

Inhaled corticosteroids are used to ensure that the lungs and airways do not release the substances that cause wheezing. Corticosteroids are also used to treat acute or emergency cases of wheezing when the breathing is difficult or nearly impossible. Use of this medication may lead to some side effects starting from minor sore throat, hoarseness, coughing to major ailments like weakening of bones, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

Prescription Medications – Steroid Hormones:

Administration of steroid hormone is also a kind of pharmaceutical remedy. Hormones like prednisone in tablet form can also be used to treat asthma and wheezing cough. Steroid hormones may also lead to some serious side effects that may include bone loss, fracture, abdominal enlargement, cataracts, diabetes, high BP etc.


For treatment of complicated cases of Trachael stenosis, emphysema etc. where wheezing becomes acute, surgery including bullectomy, lung volume reduction surgery (LVRS), laser surgery etc may be required.  In most difficult cases of emphysema, lung transplant  may be resorted to. These methods can provide effective relief from wheezing.

Natural Home Made Remedies for a Wheezing Cough:

There are some effective natural home remedies too. Let us examine those.

  • Applying hot fomentation to chest, back and neck and keeping your feet in hot water increase the body’s reaction to the irritants and helps expelling them.
  • Use lobelia herb to prepare tea and sip it slowly. It helps in relaxing your nerves and stopping spasm.
  • Consuming mullein oil with fruit juice or even water relieves spasm that leads to wheeze.
  • Cayenne facilitates in desensitizing the respiratory system to irritants and in preventing further attacks of wheezing.
  • Take 1 garlic clove with honey (one teaspoon)   two times daily to remove the congestion.
  • Take1/2 teaspoon of asafetida, camphor (pinch of it) and half 1/4th glass of sesame oil and prepare a mixture and apply this two times daily on chest and back.
  • Mix equal quantity of camphor and asafetida  and prepare pills of pea size and take 1-2 pills with hot water, 3-4 times daily.
  • Take equal quantity of long pepper, gooseberry and dry ginger and prepare a paste. Consume this preparation with clarified butter and honey. If wheezing is mild, this works well.
  • The inhalation/salt inhalation of steam can remove nasal blockade and reduce the amount of mucus build up in the bronchioles.
  • Taking ginger paste with honey soothe the itch in the throat that may be due to wheezing.
  • Consuming apple cider vinegar mixing it with some water treats inflammation in asthma due to wheezing and coughing.
  • Prepare a mixture of jiggery and mustard oil and take 1 teaspoon to relive the wheezing
  • You may drink lime juice or gargling with warm water in the mild case of inflammation in the throat.

There are a few other tricks to help ease your suffering from a wheezing cough, like jumping into a hot shower, which will help clear the wheezing and ease your breathing because the steam soothes the throat. Vaporizers help too; so if you can get your hands on a nice user-friendly vaporizer, then use it. The moisture from a vaporizer is soothing and you can inhale it until you feel relaxed enough.

Even though you see a doctor, a hot bath or a vaporizer can still help you to feel better. If you are not able to take soothing hot baths or use a vaporizer, then you can sip warm herbal teas. They contain delicious soothing herbs, they feel good on the throat and chest and they relax your throat and lungs so your wheezing cough is not as painful.

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