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There are some airborne elements which can cause irritation to the throat. When this happens, people end up with a hacking dry cough. Some ordinary items that can cause this type of cough include dust particles and pollen. In some cases pollution can contribute to this irritation as can certain fibers such as fiberglass and asbestos. When looking for a dry cough remedy, the symptom associated with airborne particles will be the easiest to treat.

If the cough is due to dust or pollen, using air filters will greatly reduce the amount of particles in a home or office. There are a number of products available with HEPA filters including vacuum cleaners and room filtering devices. The air filtering machines people can place in a room will also help remove smoke from cigarettes, pipes or cigars. Smoke is one of the leading causes of a dry throat which leads to bouts of uncontrollable coughing. The best dry cough remedy for this is hydrating the throat with water or juice and avoiding smoke filled areas.

There are several home remedies people can use if the symptoms are not disease related. Honey has been used for centuries to sooth irritated throats. The mixture forms a thin coating over the inside area so the irritated tissues have a chance to heal. Constant coughing when tissues are already sore and raw only makes the matter worse. Other home cures include using products such as garlic, ginger, orange juice and apple cider vinegar. A dry cough remedy made with some of these ingredients found in the home will provide immediate relief. If the symptoms recur, the individual will need to take the remedy again.

Some medical conditions which can cause this symptom include lung cancer, gastrointestinal problems and an upper respiratory tract infection. If the cough persists even when known pollutants are removed from the environment, it could be a sign of a more severe problem. When this happens you should consult with your physician for proper treatment. Treatment for these conditions will vary and can include prescription medicines.

For those individuals who work around hazardous materials such as asbestos, wearing a breathing mask when around the harmful substances will prevent the fibers from entering the esophagus and lodging in the lungs. People at high risk for this are those in the field of construction. Buildings today no longer use asbestos, but if someone has an older home and suspects it might be in the walls, they can send a sample to a lab for testing.

People who live in regions that have high levels of pollution can also benefit from wearing a breathing mask. This is especially useful for people involved in outdoor exercises such as running or jogging. Sometimes the best dry cough remedy is using preventative care.

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