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Common Treatments For Coughing At Night

Coughing At Night

For people who have trouble with coughing at night, there a number of solutions depending on the problem. One of the most common causes of coughing during the night is the flu or a cold. Coughing occurs when there is something that the body believes it needs to expel, or there is an inflammation of the lungs, throat or sinuses. Most of the time, there is no real need to be concerned about the symptom, but there are times when the symptom could indicate a serious infection.

Treatments For Coughing At Night

For people who have a cold associated with their night cough, there is no immediate solution to get rid of the cough. Coughing is a symptom and may remain until the cold is gone. Coughing during the night can be restless and irritate the throat, which is why there are a few solutions to alleviate some of the force of the cough. The most obvious solution to a symptom is over the counter medication. There are a number of different medications available over the counter, but not all of them are created to treat the same type of cough. The best decision before taking medication is to check with a doctor.

While taking medication is the preferred way to stop coughing at night, there are quite a few home remedies that work just as well. One of the most common remedies to sooth a sore throat and other symptoms is honey and tea. It is best to use tea that is non-caffeinated because it will cause a person to become more awake and rest is what they should have. Also, honey by itself soothes a sore throat due to a cough, but honey is still a form of sugar and sugar lowers the immune system.

For people who are coughing due to asthma, there are not very many solutions besides to see a doctor. For people who are prescribed an inhaler, they should use it as often as needed because the medication can help with the constriction of the air ways that are often a side effect of the coughing. Vicks Vapor rub is also a popular solution and will allow the persons lungs to relax.

Overall, there is no guaranteed way to get rid of symptoms at night, but by following some common remedies, a person can find that their cough is not as harsh and will allow the person to rest. Because many people suffer from night time coughing, there are going to be many remedies, but not all of them may work for every person that tries them. It is important to try a variety in order to find the treatments that work best for individuals that have trouble with coughing at night.

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