Remedies For Coughing

Natural Remedies To Cure Your Cough

Coughing Up Substances

Coughing up substances is your body’s way to attempt to rid itself of foreign materials and mucus buildup. The coughs that come with various substances are known as productive coughs, since they produce something more than dry air. Coughs that do not produce substances are known as dry coughs. If you are experiencing a productive cough, you can learn a lot about what your body is going through by determining what substances have been produced. Certain types of coughs can be indicative of specific maladies, so it is important to understand what your body is trying to tell you when you are in the midst of coughing up substances. Various types of substances can be found as a result of productive coughs. Recognizing the type of substance that is produced can help you to speed up your recovery time, or aid you in treating sicknesses in their early stages.

  • Coughing Up Blood – If you have been coughing up blood, you are probably alarmed and a bit scared about it. Certainly, it is not normal to cough up blood, but it does not necessarily mean that your life is in danger. If you have coughed up blood in small amounts and it does not persist, it can simply be symptom of exposure to air of poor quality. However, if you have been coughing up substances like blood frequently, you should seek medical attention whether the blood is being produced with or without accompanying mucus. The presence of blood as a product of your coughs can indicate a serious problem with your lungs. Some conditions that could lead to coughing up blood include bronchitis, pneumonia, a blood clot in your lung, or even cancer. The condition of coughing up blood is known as hemoptysis, and your doctor can help you understand the condition, and the reasons why your coughs are producing blood.

  • Coughing Up Mucus – Different types of mucus, or phlegm, are often coughed up, and they can usually be differentiated by color.  This is a brief overview of the different kinds of mucus.  For a more detailed article on each different colors of mucus, see the articles below.

  • Coughing Up Clear or White Mucus – Most phlegm is clear or white in color, and it is usually produced by a cough resulting from a minor ailment.

  • Coughing Up Brown Mucus – The color of your mucus could be brown if you are a smoker.

  • Coughing Up Green Mucus – Green mucus is typically associated with a bacterial infection in the lungs. It can also be caused by a sinus infection. To assist your body in clearing this type of mucus out, you should avoid dairy and meat products, and drink plenty of water or tea.

  • Coughing Up Yellow Mucus – The presence of yellow mucus after a cough is a bit more serious. It usually indicates a viral or bacterial infection. It is caused by the overabundance of inflammatory cells within the mucus. If you cough up yellow mucus or phlegm for more than a few days, you should consult your doctor. The presence of this type of phlegm usually indicates that your body is trying to rid itself of a virus, and it should not be cause for alarm.

A cough can be annoying, but it is your body’s way of telling you it needs attention. It might mean there is something seriously wrong, or it could be completely normal. Regardless, you should understand what it means when you cough up substances, and what the different substances can tell you about your body’s condition.